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Online Stores

Take advantage of a website with the ability to self-run various areas of your sales process. Whether you are a business with a fixed location or constantly on the move, investing in an online store can greatly benefit your organisation. 

Sole traders on the road

Attending jobs, finding new sales, taking bookings all this can be hard to juggle effectively when running a small business on your own.
Reduce the stress by getting your website to do the heavy lifting for you. Lakes Digital can cater an affordable solution that can help you manage your bookings for jobs and events, leaving you more freedom to manage your business.

Not running solo

As an established business that wants to show its product or service to new potential markets at an affordable price, an online store is also a solution for you.

Your website alone will help you reach new customers so including your catalogue of products and/or services will make it easier and more likely for them to get in touch with you, or even better, make a sale.